Why should you work with Location World to control vehicle fleets?


In order to operate your business with the latest-generation hardware (IoT devices) for all types of vehicles: light, cargo, machinery, motorcycles and even bicycles.

Todas las flotas

All fleets are important to us. Our solution is adapted to fleets of vehicles or machinery of all sizes, from one vehicle to more.

Integramos distintos

We integrate a broad range of IoT sensors that make it possible to take full advantage of the platform, from real-time temperature control to identification of an assigned driver.

Acceda a Smart

We give you access to smart data through flexible, agile technologies such as the application of programming interfaces (APIs) to add value to business processes on ERP, CRM, EMS or other platforms.

Deposite la confianza

Trust your customer data to a 100% scalable global cloud platform , hosted in data centers around the world with all the necessary security measures.

Si su empresa

If your company is in the fleet business and operates on a large scale, ask about our customization options.

Transform the operation of your fleet by
capitalizing on every kilometer traveled.

Regardless of the make or model of your vehicles, CarSync Fleet is the most complete solution for using telemetry data to monitor, control and analyze fleet performance. Our solution is designed to be adapted to various industries such as shipping and logistics, freight distribution, retail sales, mass consumption, manufacturing, oil and gas sales and distribution services, mining, construction, vehicle leasing and rental, passenger transportation, ride-sharing and more.

Cars Sync Fleet App

With CarSync Fleet, you can obtain significant savings of 10% up to 50% in shipping? and logistics costs, eliminate downtime, monitor fuel consumption, optimize deliveries, reduce the fleet’s accident rate and increase customer satisfaction.

Puntos Interes
Apertura Puertas

Thanks to access to the cloud by means of the CarSync Fleet web application and mobile application , those in charge of managing and supervising the vehicle fleet, and for monitoring the vehicles in real time, will be able to receive smarts alerts regarding their use, including speeding, changes in engine temperature levels, entering or leaving predefined areas, among others. They will also be able to create rules and procedures, access profiles or view performance indicators that will allow them to make overall operations more profitable.

Complementing the Connected Car solution with Analytics – Business Intelligence (BI) will allow you to discover infinite possibilities in the generation and visualization of analytical reports – and ultimately to make better decisions and exploit the full potential of the data your fleet produces daily.

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